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Dr. William Bruette-The Complete Dog Book 1921

William Bruette is remembered for his position as the longtime editor of the magazine publication:  "Forest and Stream".   The magazine was the preminant outdoors magazine beginning in 1873.  Forest and Stream was published in New York City by Charles Haddock.  Bruette was preceded in the editor's role by the famous American naturalist and ornithologist, George Bird Grinnell.  The magazine covered topics about camping, canoeing, hunting, and fishing.  Theodore Roosevelt wrote some articles for the publication.  Forest and Stream was instrumental in the founding of the Audubon Society and in support for the 1918 US/Canadian Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

Sporting dog training articles were a regular feature of Forest and Stream in conjunction with sporting dog breed historical information.  The magazine merged with "Field and Stream" in 1930.

Bruette published his book "The Complete Dog Book" in 1921.  A view of the Table of Contents (pages 9 and 10) reveal which dog breeds were popular in 1921:

He published a number of other dog books in the early 1900's including "Amateur's Dog Book" (1906) viewable in the following link:

Dogdom Monthly (cont'd)

The New York Public Library is a good source for Dogdom Monthly.  Some of the issues are accessible online.  Dogdom is a basket of information about dog breeds that were popular in the US during the years of publication, as well as, old-time dog show information:

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Dogdom Monthly

One of the most interesting dog magazines that I have reviewed is the "Dogdom Monthly" which was an early 20th Century magazine for dog fanciers:

The cover painting of setters in the issue "link" above is by Percival Rousseau the famous French American painter of sporting dogs.  Rousseau was a member of the Old Lyme School of painters, Old Lyme, CT.

Dog Training Books-History

Late 1800’s to early 1900’s dog training books
(Prepared by Elaine M. George, Bridgeport, CT United States)
September 30, 2011

Historically, the books listed, to date, were published in the United States except for the book by Jaquet which was published in London, England. The list does not yet include all books published during this time period. The establishment of the American Kennel Club in the 1880’s and formal rules for dog shows and sporting dog field trials created an interest in humane training methods. Books will be added to this list including those in foreign languages and those books published in other countries.

Practical Dog Training or Training vs. Breaking, S. T. Hammond, Forest and Stream Publishing, 1894, New York.
Modern Training and Handling, Bernard Waters, J. Loring Thayer Publishing Company, 1894, Boston.
PRACTICAL DOG EDUCATION, Thomas C. Abbott, M. T Richardson Co., Princeton University Press, 1902, New York.
The Kennel Club: A History and Record of its Work, Edward William Jaquet, The Kennel Gazette, 1905, London.
The Gentleman’s Dog: His Rearing. Training, and Treatment, C. A. Bryce, A. M., M. D., Southern Clinic Print, Richmond, VA, 1909.
TRAINING THE DOG, Robert Stell Lemmon, Robert M. McBride & Company, Harvard College Press, 1921, New York.
Twentieth Century Training and Kennel Management, E. Myron Shelley, Becktold, Harvard University Press, 1921, St. Louis.

Forest and Stream Magazine, William Brunette, Editor, early to mid 1900’s, Sporting dog reference,