Wednesday, November 28, 2012

April 1878 - New York Times RE: The Westminster Dog Show

For the last few weeks I have been searching for photos and information about the "Canine Section" of the 1878 Paris Exposition.   To date, I have not found any photos or articles on the topic of the dog show from the exposition.  The 1878 Paris Exposition featured a canine section which was organized by Mr. Charles Crufts of England.  Also, this may have been the first time a formal exhibit of pet food was held at an international exposition.  Charles Crufts, who was stated to be a manager of a dog biscuit manufacturer in England, subsequently organized the famous Crufts Dog Show in England.  The first all-breed Crufts Dog Show was held in 1891.  Prior to 1891, a Crufts Dog Show had been organized in 1886 soley for Terrier dog breeds. 

Notably, the Statue of Liberty was being constucted in France during the 1878 Paris Exposition which featured an exhibit of the crown of the statue:

The New York Times newspaper archives referenced the Paris Exposition of 1878 a number of times.  The following is a "spiderbyte" of a New York Times article about the Westminster Dog Show for the same year and from the same list of references:

Many of the breeds of dogs that were popular in England during that time were also popular in the United States.  A historical summary of early dog shows in England is also provided by the Irish Wolfhound Kennel Club:

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hooch Hounds

Hooch Hounds entered into dogdom fame during the Prohibition Era, i. e., dogs trained to sniff-out liquor, booze, alcoholic beverages.  The following American "Hooch Hound" photo is from the Library of Congress photo archives:

I am not certain whether specific breeeds of dogs were recruited or whether any old dog was recruited for the job.  Click on the photo to view the Library of Congress archive listing and description.